DLC Forest City Funding is an independently owned and operated franchise of Dominion Lending Centres Inc. – owned by Trevor Daly, Sarah Makhomet & Jonathan Tillger

The company was founded in January of 2016, with the merger of Trevor and Sarah & Jonathan’s two highly successful, equally sized brokerages. Trevor’s brokerage was run by himself as Principal Broker and Sarah’s brokerage was run as a partnership with her partner in both business and personal life – Jonathan Tillger, with Sarah as Principal Broker. With the merger, Jonathan has become Principal Broker for the entire brokerage and together the three have worked diligently to get the absolute best deals so that Forest City Funding Mortgage Brokers/Agents can offer the best products to their clients and the best learning and growing experience for their agents and brokers.

Welcome to a new kind of brokerage!

Forest City Funding has been a Top 10 Franchise in Canada for over 8 years with more than 75 licensed Mortgage Brokers/Agents across Ontario. Our agents have access to all of our offices throughout Ontario, from the GTA and Guelph regions down to the Golden Horseshoe.

Offering all types of mortgages including, residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, CHIP and Private lending; exploring possibilities to find the best options and providing answers so that you make the most informed decision for your business, farm or family.

As our business has expanded over the years, so has our community involvement. Supporting local community programs, such as; Hamilton Food Share, Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce and the Stoney Creek Run Club, as well as the DLC Bikes for Kids program.

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