PLAN B is a centralized underwriting centre specializing in ALT-A, B and Private lending.

It is where to send your unconventional harder mortgage requests in order to yield the maximum in efficiencies, lender exposure and approval success!

Last year Canada’s largest mortgage brokerage had more than 3 billion dollars in turned down or cancelled deals through a traditional mortgage agent network.

If needed, we also have a specialized department that has access to alternative lending sources

Plan B works with the mortgage agent and consumer in order to best source out the lender, explain the solution to the consumer and derive a plan to return to ‘A’ sector – resulting in success and efficiency for the mortgage agent and consumer.


  • Insured high ratio A lending
  • Any and all applications that fall outside of conventional “bank” lending
  • Residential, commercial, industrial and construction mortgage brokering
  • Out of province Co-Brokering
  • Credit Bureau training
  • Appraisal training
  • Credit score rebuilding planning
  • Debt settlement
  • Access to personal loans for credit rebuilding and or debt settlement

Mortgage Types

  • 1st, 2nd or 3 mortgages
  • Interest only payment or amortization mortgages
  • Bridge Financing
  • Inter-alia / blanket mortgages
  • Secured Visa Mortgages
  • Draw / Line of Credit Mortgages